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Unveil the
Power of THOR:

Your Ultimate UVC Solution

Defend Against the Unseen.

thor in OR-min

Welcome to the Future of

Explore THOR, the cutting-edge UVC disinfection robot that's transforming infection prevention.
Are you ready to witness it prowess firsthand?  Schedule your virtual demo now!

Why Choose THOR?

THOR is not just a robot; it's your partner in eradicating pathogens. With its unique room mapping, high-output UVC technology, and unmatched precision, THOR is revolutionizing how we ensure hygienic environments.

Experience The
Future Now

Discover the power of THOR from the comfort of your screen. Our virtual demo gives you an exclusive peek into THOR's capabilities, demonstrating its ability to eliminate even the toughest pathogens and bring you peace of mind.


Your Safety is
Our Priority

In the age of invisible threats, THOR stands as a formidable guardian. By scheduling a virtual demo, you take a proactive step towards safeguarding your environment and the well-being of those within it.


Book Your Virtual

Don't wait to experience the future of disinfection. Schedule your virtual demo now and witness THOR in action. Let us guide you through its features, benefits, and how it can transform your infection prevention strategy.


Unleash THOR's Power - Book Now

Your hygienic and safe future starts here. Book your virtual demo to unlock the potential of THOR and fortify your environment against invisible adversaries.

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